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Sign®Audio comes in a true mono configuration.
You will find the Sign SL fills the needs of most audiophiles, tight, accurate bass, good and full midrange and a clean open high frequency across the entire audio spectrum.

Like all Sign®Audio products the SL is made from pure Zero Crystal copper, which eliminates the thousands of boundaries that occur when the copper is manufactured. The Sign SL speaker cable offers a fuller and deeper detailed sound, with magnificent imaging, soundstage and focus.

The enhanced performance of the Sign SL cables is the result of sourcing higher purity copper (14 nines), a higher quality of XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) insulation as well as making adjustments to geometry. Numerous wire samples were produced and tested to achieve the greatest performance possible. Anyone who has been a fan of any Sign®Audio cables should be thrilled when they hear the new SX line.


prijs is voor 1,5 meter;  2,o m = 600 euro;  2,5 m = 700 euro

Sign luidsprekerkabel

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€ 500,00Prijs
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